~ Playbill for 1929 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

~ Theatre Opens June 28, 1929~

Behind That Curtain
California Capers Idea

Where East Is East
Rhythm Idea

Fox Movietone Follies of 1929
Through the Gates Idea

The Idle Rich
Contrasts Idea
on stage:
Loren Mendel and Pete Reinhart

The Last of Mrs. Cheney
Jazz Bucaneers Idea
on stage:
70 models from the Arctic Fur Co. in a $250,000 Fur Fashion Show

The Single Standard
(silent feature)

The Love School Idea
on stage:
Renie Riano

Our Modern Maidens
(silent feature)

Dance Moods Idea
on stage:
Harry Jolson

Sweet Cookie Beauties Idea
on stage:
Lew Brice

Words and Music
Speed Idea
on stage:
Stepin Fetchit

Lucky Star
Sunny Southland Idea

Imagine My Embarassment
Garden of Dreams Idea
on stage:
Charles King

(silent feature)

The Jazz Cinderella Idea
on stage:
Buster West

Big Time
Screenland Melodies Idea
on stage:
Roy Rogers

They Had to See Paris
Hollywood Beauties Idea

The Unholy Night
newspaper ad
Columns Idea
Rube Wolf Orchestra
newspaper ad

newspaper ad
Drapes Idea
ad:Fox-Warfield Silver Jubilee
ad: William Fox Jubilee Announcement

(sielnt feature)

Idea of Kisses
on stage:
Myrtle Gordon

Young Nowheres
Idea of Types

Married in Hollywood
Accordian Ideas

His Glorious Night
Taps Idea
on stage:
Van and Schenck

So This Is College
Far East Idea
newspaper ad

The Girl From Havana
Baby Songs Idea
on stage:
Laurel and Hardy

The Kiss
Ideas in Green

Romance of Rio Grande
Jazz Temple Idea
on stage:
Nora Schiller

13th Chair
Black and Gold Idea
on stage:
Fifi Dorsay

It's a Great Life
O'Neill Sisters' Kiddie Revue

Their Own Desire
Carnival Russee Idea


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