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We are pleased to bring you a unique collection of restored photographs of the San Francisco Fox's interior. These marvelous images were painstakingly rendered from the original black and white into beautiful color, by William Swain, a native San Franciscan with childhood memories of the theatre.

Swain has given all of us who have had to recall images of the Fox through drab black and white photos these past decades, a very special gift: now we can recall more clearly - or see for the first time - a little more of the true grandeur of this greatest of all movie palaces.

This site is dedicated to the memory of the San Francisco Fox Theatre - built in 1929, and subsequently demolished in 1963.

As with any subject in history, the lessons that can be drawn from a series of events are as manifold and diverse as the people giving them consideration. Why was the Fox built to be a showcase of such opulence? Why do ordinary people almost a half century or more removed from its presence still feel the "soul" of the structure so palpably in the 21st Century? What is the significance of the American love affair with fantasy, as reflected in both its films and its earlier film palaces?

These are questions that we will consider as this site evolves. But they are not the only reasons for bookmarking this site and revisiting often: Apart from providing you with obvious factual material - and a visual glimpse into the San Francisco Fox - we want to actively collect as many personal recollections as possible from people who were associated with the theatre. We invite you to contact us with any personal memories of the Fox that you may have, for possible inclusion in the web site.

We also will be featuring virtual tours of the Fox, constructed from original photographs, much information on the building itself, lists of theatre and related links, a bibliography of works on theatres and movie palaces, as well as historical articles - gleaned from newspapers and other sources - about the San Francisco Fox.

Through these - and other - venues, we hope to keep the Fox alive in the cultural consciousness of the City - and, perhaps, act as a model in promoting the real value of other historical structures, thereby saving them from the same fate as the Fox.

In any case, please proceed on to discover - or re-discover - the Fabulous Fox San Francisco Theatre and its historical legacy to San Francisco, and the larger, American culture.

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