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Although the Fox was destroyed over 40 years ago at this writing, we are going to strive to find ways to emulate "tours" of the building. For our initial offerings, we will rely on photographs displayed in PowerPoint ©. Check back from time to time, to see what other photos surface from attics and scrapbooks of people who contact us.

The images on our first tour come from original black and white negatives measuring 4" x 5". They came into the possession of the last Managing Director of the Fox - Robert Apple - at the time of the theatre's demise, in 1963. We'll call this the Grand Opening Tour, both for the Fox opening which it apparently touts (note the staged shots of people in late 1920's garb), and because it is our own inaugural tour.


Tours of the
Fox Theatre, San Francisco


Grand Opening Tour - 1929

The Lobby and Public Spaces
The Fox Organs
The Auditorium
Behind the Scenes


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