~ Playbill for 1930 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

Navy Blues
Uniforms Idea

Hot Dominos Idea

Hot for Paris
International Idea

No So Dumb
Desert Idea

This Thing Called Love
Overture Idea
on stage:
Frankie Richardson

Ivory Idea

The Sky Hawk
Havana Idea

Lone Star Ranger
Peasant Idea

Chasing Rainbows
Trees Idea
on stage:
Charles Farrell

The Girl Said No
Eyes Idea

Such Men Are Dangerous
Sunshine Idea

Montana Moon
Marble Idea

High Society Blues
Skirts Idea

A Lady to Love
Broadway Venus Idea

Free and Easy
Coral Idea
on stage:
Eddie Peabody

The Divorcee
Changes Idea

Children of Pleasure
Gyp-Gyp-Gypsy Idea
on stage:
Eddie Peabody

Caught Short
Miniatures Idea

Arizona Kid
Bells and Belles Idea

Born Reckless
Milky Way Idea
on stage:
Polly Moran and Vernon Stiles

Floradora Girl
Good Fellows Idea
on stage:
Nils Asther

In Gay Madrid
Box O'Candy Idea

Her Golden Calf
City Service Idea
on stage:
Marjorie White

The Lady of Scandal
Smiles Idea
on stage:
The Slate Brothers

Men Without Women
Brunette Idea

So This Is London
Rose Garden Idea

The Unholy Three
Romance Idea

Let Us Be Gay
Seeing Double Idea

Good Intentions
The Country Club Idea
on stage:
Ann Remington

Cadets Idea

Way Out West
Idea in Blue

Victor Herbert Idea

Common Clay
Green Devil Idea

Call of the Flesh
Gems and Jams Idea

Man Trouble
Wild and Wooly Idea

Last of the Duanes
Modes of Hollywood Idea

Busy Bee Idea

The Sea Wolf
Gobs of Joy Idea
on stage:
Pat West

Love in the Rough
Southern Idea

Those Three French Girls
Rhythm-A-Tic Idea

American Beauty Idea

Scotland Yard
The New Yorker Idea

Way for a Sailor
On the Talkie Set Idea

Fountain of Youth Idea

Billy the Kid
Doll Follies Idea

Remote Control
Indian Reservation Idea
on stage:
Wallace Berry

Just Imagine
Enchantment Idea
on stage:
El Brendel and Flo Bert

War Nurse
Way Back When Idea

A Lady's Morals
Seanson's Idea

Passion Flower
Espanola Idea

The Princess and the Plumber
Moonlight Revels Idea

Lightning (aka Their Own Desire)
Society Circus Idea
on stage:
Revue with 100 O'Neill Kiddies


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