~ Playbill for 1931 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

Part-Time Wife
Evolution of the Dance Idea

Fox Follies

The Man Who Came Back
Fox Follies

Fox Follies

Fox Follies

Fox Follies

The Easiest Way
Fox Follies

Don't Bet on Women
Fox Follies

Dance, Fools, Dance
Fox Follies

East Lynne
Fox Follies

Connecticut Yankee
Fox Follies

Doctor's Wives
Fox Follies

Man of the World
Fox Follies

Strangers May Kiss
Fox Follies - Big Easter Jubille
on stage:
Jeanette McDonald

Charlies Chan Carries On
Fox Follies

The Secret 6
Fox Follies - 25 Years After

Fox Follies - Ship Ahoy

Fox Follies

Never the Twain Shall Meet
Fox Follies - Tropical Magic

Young Sinners
Fox Follies - 30 Minutes on Broadway

6 Cylinder Love
Fox Follies - So This Is Reno

Women of All Nations
North, South, East, West Idea
on stage (2 days only):
Edmund Lowe

Laughing Sinners
Sketches Idea

Daddy Long Legs
Tomorrow's Stars

Always Good-Bye
Three Big Figures

A Free Soul
Vocalous Days Idea

Man in Possession
Circus Idea

I Take This Woman
Dream House Idea

Son of India
Hacienda Idea

Hot Java Idea

Young As You Feel
All At Sea Idea
on stage:
Ben Bard

Sporting Blood
Modern Minstrels Idea
on stage:
Harry Jolson

About Town Idea

Guilty Hands
Black and White Idea

This Modern Age
Stars of Yesterday Idea

Merely Mary Ann
Gay Vienna Idea

Bad Girl
Nursery Rhymes Idea

The Squaw Man
Greeting Idea

The Phantom of Paris
Fiesta Idea

Sidewalks of New York
Montmarte Idea

Susan Lenox - Her Rise and Fall
Co-Eds Idea

Cisco Kid
Parasols Idea

Tin Types Idea

The Yellow Ticket
Stage Door Idea

Cuban Love Song
Fine Feathers Idea
on stage (4 days only):
Jimmie Durante

Aloha Idea

Rich Man's Folly
Carnival Idea

His Women
Manhattan Idea

Private Lives
Slavique Idea

Variety Idea
on stage:
Lynn Cowan

Husband's Holiday
Swiss Movements Idea

Carmenesque Idea and Revue
with 100 O'Neill Kiddies

The False Madona
Around the World Idea


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