~ Playbill for 1932 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.


This Reckless Age
Jap-Pansie Idea

Dance Team
Limehouse Nights Idea

Lovers Courageous
Once Upon a Time Idea

Ladies of the Big House
Reflections Idea

Hell Divers
Human Chains Idea

The Guardsman
5 Races Idea
on stage:
Frank Jenks

Two Kinds of Women
Star Night at Cocoanut Grove Idea
on stage:
Betty Compson

Woman from Monte Carlo
Marches Militares Idea

Business and Pleasure
Clean Up Idea

Beast of the City
Art Idea

After Tomorrow
Gobs of Joy in Bermuda Idea

Arsene Lupin

She Wanted a Millionaire
Chicago World's Fair-est Idea

Amateur Daddy
Impressions Idea

Devil's Lottery
Exotique Idea

But the Flesh Is Weak
Girl Crazy (tab version)
on stage:
Ginger Rogers

The Sky Bride
Fanchon and Marco Stage Show
on stage:
Ted Lewis

Letty Lynton
Trixie Frisanza and her company of

Man Wanted
Wonder Bar Revue
on stage:
Al Jolson and Raquel Torres

Fanchon and Marco Stage Show
on stage:

Mae Murray

Night Court
Fanchon and Marco Stage Show
on stage:

Eddie Peabody

Man About Town
Fanchon and Marco Stage Show
on stage:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Pluto

Society Girl
Cozy Corner Revue
on stage:
Ruth Roland

Merrily We Go to Hell
Fanchon and Marco Stage Show
on stage:

Eddie Cantor

Love Is a Racket
"The Desert Song" (tab version)
on stage:
Perry Askam

Make Me a Star
Fanchon and Marco stage show and revue
with 100 O'Neill Kiddies
on stage:

Ted Lewis

The Strange Case of Clara Deane
Fanchon and Marco stage show
on stage:

Jack Dempsey and Lina Basquette

Ubangi Revue
on stage:
Gilda Gray and Madame Schumann-Heink

Million Dollar Legs
"Flo Lewis and Company"
on stage:
Will Mahoney

Skyscraper Souls
"Ziefeld Follies"
on stage:
Blanche Sweet

The First Year
"Stich in Time"

A Pasport to Hell
"Star Gazing"
on stage:
Lilyan Tashman and Ken Murray

Painted Women
"Follow Thru" (tab version)

Down to Earth
"Frank and Milt Britton's Cookoe Band"

70,000 Witnesses
Irene (tab version)

Divorce in the Family
"On the Riviera"
on stage:
Bing Crosby

Chandu - the Magician
"Hearst of Broadway" (tab version)
on stage:
Vera Gordon

Pack Up Your Troubles
"Veils" (tab version)
on stage:
Merna Fortune

Hat Check Girl
"Sally" (tab version)

"Tia Juana"

Madison Sq. Garden
"Georgia Minstrels"

closed October 20, 1932 under Fox West Coast Theatres


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