~ Playbill for 1935 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

Strange Wives

Lottery Lover
I'll Fix It

Mystery Woman
Maybe It's Love

Charlie Chan in Paris
I've Been Around

The White Cockatoo
One in a Million

The Right To Live
Once to Every Bachelor

The Winning Ticket
School for Girls

The Woman in Red
Little Men

Beyond Bengal
While the Patient Slept

Shadow of Doubt
Two Heads on a Pillow

Times Square Lady
Crimson Romance

A Night at the Ritz
Behind the Evidence

It Happened in New York
I'll Love You Always

Hold 'Em Yale
Men of the Night
(aka Men of the Night)

The Casino Murder Case
Symphony of Living

It's a Small World

One New York Night
Spring Tonic

Mary Jane's Pa
Woman in the Dark

Four Hours to Kill!
A Dog of Flanders

Ladies Love Danger

Vagabond Lady

Baby Face Harrington
Chasing Yesterday

Alias Mary Dow
The People's Enemy

Charlie Chan in Egypt
Men of the Hour

Age of Indiscretion
Rendezvous at Midnight

Calm Yourself
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back

The Broken Melody
Unknown Woman

Mad Love
Brewster's Millions

Murder Man
Eddie Cantor and stage show

Champagne for Breakfast (3 days)
Eddie Cantor and stage show

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (4 days)
Curtain Falls

Woman Wanted
Fanchon and Marko stage show

After the Dance
Fanchon and Marko stage show

Manhattan Moon
Fanchon and Marko stage show

Fanchon and Marko stage show
on stage: The Duncan Sisters

Smilin' Through
Dressed to Thrill

Without Regret
This Woman Is Mine
(aka 18 Minutes)

Little Big Shot
The Runaway Queen
(aka The Queen's Affair)

The Bishop Misbehaves
Storm Over the Andes

Here Comes the Band
One Frightened Night

Streamline Express
Westward Ho

Harmony Lane

Two Fisted
Atlantic Adventure

His Night Out
Bad Boy

Music Is Magic
The Affairs of Susan

Ship Cafe
Wanderer of the Wasteland

Java Head
Moonlight in Heaven

To Beat the Band

[Into?] Little America
If I Had a Million

Your Uncle Dudley
Hi, Gaucho!

East of Java
Happieness C.O.D.

Kind Lady




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