~ Playbill for 1950 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

Prince of Foxes
Hollywood Varieties
2nd week

Blonde Bandit
2nd week (5 days)

Dancing in the Dark
Spring in Park Lane

12 O'Clock High
2nd week

When Willie Comes Marching Home
Bomba on Panther Island

Chain Lightening

Mother Didn't Tell Me
Call of the Forest

Dakota Lil
stage show with Duke Ellington and his orchestra

Baron of Arizona
(5 days)

Guilty Bystander
Fours Days Leave
(aka Swiss Tour)

Singing Guns

Wabash Avenue
Harbor Missing Men
2nd week

Ticket to Tomahawk
(world premiere)
(aka Saraband for Dead Lovers) (6 days)

The Damned Don't Cry
Federal Agent at Large
2nd week (6 days)

Under My Skin
House by the River

Cheaper by the Dozen

The Big Lift
(aka Sangue sul sagrato)

The Gunfighter
(world premiere)
Father Makes Good
2nd week

Night and the City
Women from Headquarters

Bright Leaf
Motor Patrol

Cariboo Trail
Lucky Losers

The Great Jewel Robbery
Fifty Years Before Your Eyes

Rock Island Trail
Golden Gloves Story

Love That Brute
Where the Sidewalk Ends

The Avengers

Destination Moon
The Savage Horde

Broken Arrow
Trial Without Jury
2nd week (6 days)

The Black Rose
2nd week (5 days)

Panic in the Streets
The Showdown

My Blue Heaven
Lonely Heart Bandits

The Breaking Point
Young Daniel Boone

Rocky Mountain
(western premiere)
Trigger Jr.

Mister 880
Lost Volcano

I'll Get By
Farewell to Yesterday

All About Eve
2nd week (4 days)

Rio Grande
Hit Parade of 1951

The Jackpot

An American Guerilla in the Philippines
Eye Witness
(aka Your Witness)
2nd week

Two Flags West
California Passage
2nd week

Trail of Robin Hood


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