~ Playbill for 1951 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

For Heaven's Sake
Father's Gone Wild
(aka Father's Wild Game?)
2nd week (4 days)

Halls of Montezuma
Bomba and the Hidden City
2nd week (5 days)

Storm Warning
Bowery Batallion

Steel Helmet
The Bandit Queen

The Mudlark
Sierra Passage

Belle Le Grand
(world premiere)
Pride of Maryland
(6 days)

Call Me Mister
Blue Blood

The 13th Letter
The Wicked City
(aka Hans le marin?)

Raton Pass
The Man Who Cheated Himself

Vicious Years

Bird of Paradise
Insurance Investor
2nd week (4 days)

Cuban Fireball

You're in the Navy Now
Stop That Cab

I Can Get It for You Wholesale
Navy Bound

Only the Valiant
Gypsy Fury
(aka Singoalla)

Fighting Coast Guard
(western premiere)
Million Dollar Pursuit
(6 days)

Follow the Sun
Sword of Monte Cristo

House on Telegraph Hill
Lucky Nick Cain
(aka I'll Get You for This)

On the Riviera
Ghost Chasers
2nd week (6 days)

Along the Great Divide
According to Mrs. Hoyle

Half Angel
Golden Salemander

Take Care of My Little Girl
Yukon Man Hunt

The Secret of Convict Lake
Casa Manana

Fort Worth
When I Grow Up

The Guy Who Came Back
Fugitive Lady
(aka la Strada buia?)

The Frogmen
Father Takes the Air
2nd week

As Young as You Feel
14 Hours

Captain Horatio Hornblower
Let's Go Navy
2nd week

Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell
Calvary Scout

David and Bathsheba
2nd week
3rd week (6 days)

Meet Me after the Show
This Is Korea!

The Day the Earth Stood Still

No Questions Asked
2nd week (5 days)

People Will Talk
The Tall Target

The Desert Fox
Disc Jocky

Come Fill the Cup
Two Dollar Bettor

No Highway in the Sky
(aka No Highway)
A Millionaire for Christy

Golden Girl
(world premiere)
The Basketball Fix
(6 days)

Cap't Fabian
(aka Adventures of Captain Fabian?)
Sea Hornet

Anne of the Indies
The Strip

Flight to Mars
The Highwayman

Fixed Bayonets!
Make It Legal

The Wild Blue Yonder

Crazy Over Horses


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