~ Playbill for 1953 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.

Bloodhounds of Broadway
Mr. Walkie Talkie

Ruby Gentry
Flame and the Devil
(aka Al diavolo la celebrita?)
2nd week

My Cousin Rachael
Hell Is Sold Out

The Man Behind the Gun
Seeds of Destruction
(aka The Sickle or the Cross?)

The Treasure of the Golden Condor
Tangier Incident

Brooklyn Gorilla
(aka Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla?)

Great White Hunter

(aka The Macober Affair?)
Captain Kidd

(aka The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd?)

I Don't Care Girl
Silver Whip

She's Back on Broadway
White Corridors

Destination Gobi

2nd week

The Tall Texan
I'll Get You
(aka Escape Route?)

Call Me Madam
Fort Vengeance

2nd week

Trouble Along the Way

2nd week (5 days)

The President's Lady
Stolen Identity

Invaders from Mars
Down Among the Sheltering Palms

Bright Road

2nd week (6 days)

The Desert Rats
Battles of Chief Pontiac

The City That Never Sleeps (world premiere)
A Perilous Journey

The Girl Next Door
Powder River

Hannah Lee
: An American Primitive (world premiere)
Roar of the Crowd

The Farmer Takes a Wife
Man on a Tightrope

Pickup on South Street

Cow Country

2nd week (5 days)

White Witch Doctor
Son of Belle Starr

2nd week

Dangerous Crossing

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

2nd week
3rd week

Mr. Scoutmaster

Glory Brigade
A Blueprint for Murder

The Kid from Left Field
City Bad Men

War Paint
Sailor of the King
(aka Single-Handed?)

(5 days)
Thy Neighbor's Wife

The Robe (premiere preview)
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
5th week
6th week
7th week
8th week
9th week (9 days)

How to Marry a Millionaire
2nd week
3rd week
4th week


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