~ Playbill for 1962 ~

The productions below include film fare (usually first-run movies) in bold, and stage productions and live entertainment in italics.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Database.


Babes in Toyland
Bashful Elephant
(2nd week)
3rd week
4th week

Second Time Around
2000 Eyes

2nd week

Bachelor Flat
Madison Avenue

Pinocchio (reissue)
The Clown and the Kid

2nd week

Flight of the Lost Baloon
The Day the Sky Exploded

(aka La morte viene dallo spazio)

The Hustler
Streetcar Named Desire
2nd week (5 days)

Satan Never Sleeps
Girl in Room 13

Opera Films (1 day)

King of Kings
2nd week
3rd week

Moon Pilot
2nd week, with
The Two Little Bears

3rd week (4 days)

Opera Films (1 day)

State Fair
The Broken Land

2nd week (9 days)

The Premature Burial (11 days)
Guns of the Black Witch
(aka Il Terrore dei mari)

Burn, Witch, Burn (8 days)
(aka Night of the Eagle)
Dead One

Trapeze (reissue?) (8 days)
Vikings (reissue?)

Opera Films (1 day)

Big Red
Living Desert
2nd week (5 days)

Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Air Patrol

2nd week (9 days)

Bon Voyage!
East of Kilamanjaro
(aka La Grande caccia)
2nd week
3rd week (6 days)

Opera Films (1 day)

Adventures of a Young Man
Swinging Along

2nd week (5 days)

Tales of Terror (9 days)
Mermaids of Tiburon

Five Weeks in a Baloon
The Firebrand

The Sky Above, The Mud Below
(aka Le Ciel et la boue)

2nd week (5 days)

Opera Films (1 day)

300 Spartans
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys

Lady and the Tramp (reissue) (12 days)
Almost Angels

White Slave Ship (6 days)
(aka L'Ammutinamento)
Creature from the Haunted Sea

Bellboy and Playgirls
Hot Money Girl
(aka The Treasure of San Teresa)

Legend of Lobo
Make Way for Lila

The First Spaceship on Venus
(aka Der Schweigende Stern)
Varan the Unbelievable

War Lover
Ring-a-Ding Rhythm

(aka It's Trad, Dad!)
2nd week (2nd feature: In Love and War)

Son of Sampson
(aka Maciste nella valle dei re)
Prisoner of the Iron Mask
(aka La Vendetta della maschera di ferro)

Opera Films (1 day)

Reptilicus (8 days)
The Centurion
(aka Il Conquistadore di Corinto)

The Castaways
(aka In Search of the Castaways)
Hand in Hand

2nd week


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